What is a Mantivity?


First and foremost, welcome.

“Mantivities” were born in a pick-up truck, while Achilles and I were hauling large and heavy things. The word is a fusion of both “Man” and “Activities”. However, the concept is considerably more complicated: Mantivities are activities that Men do. I will resist going into any examples for our first post, for fear that it would give undue attention to a particular Mantivity.

Mantivities have a category rating system. 1 is the lowest Mantivity rating and 5 is the highest, similar to the system for hurricanes. Over the next few weeks, you’ll begin to see Achilles and I writing about particular Mantivities and assigning each a category rating. The number next to each post will only designate chronological order, and not a qualitative score.

We look forward to beginning a new journey with each of you and we hope that all of our readers, male and female, can use this as a guide to becoming more Manly everyday. Once again, thank you, and welcome.


8 Responses to “What is a Mantivity?”

  1. Mania Says:


  2. Daniel Boone Says:

    We are considering a series of special feature posts concerning Chictivities. Thank you for your interest and your comment.

  3. BananaBoyB Says:

    This website should be called “whitemantivities”, “hickwhitemnactivies”, or even “countrywhitemanactivites”.. It really does not reflect what other races feel are “manly” activities.. Funny blog though, I’ll check back for new posts on further incite on the “manly” white man’s activities..

  4. Daniel Boone Says:

    Yes, we recognize the pervasive whiteness of the site, but no other name is as sweet as Mantivities.

    And I would argue that #4 transcends race. Thanks for checking us out.

  5. Dave Says:

    I think Firefighting also transcends racial boundaries, and hockey is coming along!!!

  6. Chick Says:

    When reading those post, I tought a “chick” wrote all this !!
    Looking forward to read your “chicktivities” 😉

  7. paul mckay Says:

    I hauled a lot of hay as a teenager so glad to see I qualify as manly. You guys are hoots.

  8. Jr. Ramirez Says:

    Dude This is the greates website ever for all us Dudes out there
    MANTIVITIES are what Man Stand for damn it

    and also im Mexican i dont think this is in any way a white only site any MAN in the world can do and actually does this things in a dalily basis

    to the one that said this was a white oriented page he was the racist one

    Enjoy that……………Mantastic

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