#4 Sledgehammering


Of all Man-tools, the sledgehammer is one of the Manliest. The length of the tool can vary, but it is always thick and top-heavy. A sledgehammer is usually used to destroy things or to drive stakes into the ground. This means that a sledgehammer is used in situations that were Manly even before its introduction. That is bonus points.

Sledgehammers can be found at construction sites, campsites, and riots against Communism. During its actual use, it is important that bystanders step back, due to its swing diameter and any erupting debris. Having a group of people watching at a safe distance as you perform a Mantivity is additional points for the Mantivity rating. In Man legends, the sledgehammer doubled as both a tool and as a powerful weapon. Man heroes across history have depended on the sledgehammer to inflict great damage on the forces of evil.

Since the sledgehammer’s invention, Men have relied on it for breaking concrete, driving in tent stakes, and for laying railroad tracks. Anytime a sledgehammer has to be used, it should be dealt with in a certain way. If it is for destructive purposes (recommended), other Men at the same location should stop their related tasks to observe and comment on both the technique of the Man using the sledgehammer, and on how downright awesome it is to see stuff being destroyed.

The Mantivity score for using a sledgehammer varies slightly based on the site location, the size of the sledgehammer, and what is being destroyed or driven into the ground. The score ranges from 3.5 to 3.75.


One Response to “#4 Sledgehammering”

  1. Mania Says:

    Im honored to be in the side of the picture for this mantivity. You guys are insane


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