#13 Urinating Outside


One of the everyday things that Men take for granted is taking a leak while standing up. We have a hard time understanding why anyone would sit down on a toilet, simply to urinate. Truth is, Men have gradually evolved over the last three billion years to the point where the Male system is designed for upright urination. This is a fact women are incredibly envious of, despite their denials.

Most of the time, either using a urinal in a public restroom or leaving the seat down while using your own private bathroom is acceptable. There are rare moments when a Man can, and should relieve himself in the great outdoors. The most important of these instances is when drinking large quantities of beer, when camping or fishing, or if you are at the edge of a large cliff. It should be noted that if you are near something of this magnitude, you are forbidden to walk away without urinating off the edge.

When drinking, the appropriate urination etiquette is to announce your intentions to everyone around you and then head to the backyard with beer in hand. You should then find a corner and complete the emptying process. While camping, simply walk to the edge of the site and mark a sufficient amount of territory; while fishing, approach the side of the boat and piss. Extra points are earned if the boat is moving quickly and you remain balanced and nonchalant.

The general Mantivity score for urinating outside is a 2.8. Bonus points can be gained if you write your name in the snow, or if you cannot see where the urine is landing. The use of hand sanitizer is a deduction, as any very quick rinse from water, standing or running, will suffice. As a final, and obvious statement, the score is reduced to zero if you piss on yourself.


63 Responses to “#13 Urinating Outside”

  1. purefnevyl Says:

    I like to piss off my back porch first thing in the morning. It is the best way to gauge the weather. If the piss steams then grab a coat. If not it might be a good day.

  2. imaG Says:

    Hustla – Man I always fuckin take a piss outside, shit feels great, wind blowing around ya nuts. nothing better this is a must do mantivity, if you’re too soft to piss outside, you got a vagina.


  3. Christian Says:

    Thanks for the link on your page! You’ll find we’ve done likewise. One thing though….we’re Brewdudes.NET, to avoid any confusion. I don’t know if you knew this, but every time the word “beer” is mentioned in your postings you grow a new chest hair. That’s a fact.


  4. James Says:

    This is one of the most relaxing and enjoyable times when outside. Just grilled up some nice stakes, put your lady at ease about the bears and cougars that are watching you and about to throw some bones or cast a line with the guys when nature calls by making you aware of that full day of beer you had. Now, you can take a moment to let it all back out to the nature where it came from with an overwhelming peace and joy of being apart of the cycle of manliness that God created for us to enjoy.

  5. Quality guy Says:

    This is a great link. I love to pee outside. It is trully one of the things that separates the men from the women. I will get up in the morning, before going to work, and find a nice place outside, in my yard, for a long stream of urine to fall on or around. I like aiming at different things outside. I am used to peeing outside ever since I was a boy of twelve years. PEEING OUTSIDE IS FUN, FUN, FUN!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Quality guy Says:

    It is me again, I have worked hard all day, and I have been drinking beer tonight. So when the urge hits, I am heading outside to pee in the yard. I would rather pee outside than inside. I love peeing on things outside. It is great to be a man and have a penis so we can pee outside.

  7. Lars Says:

    I am on board with you. Check out this link: http://www.peeoutside.org

  8. Quality guy Says:

    It is me again, I cannot believe no one has responded since August. I know there are a lot of men who love peeing outside. I love to go to the edge of my yard, late at night, or early in the morning, and take a long pee. I also stop at the park and find a tree to pee on when coming home from work, sometimes.

  9. Mark Says:

    I love peeing outside.
    Its great

  10. Quality guy Says:

    only 1 person has responded since my last entry on 10/12/2008. Come on men, admit it, peeing outside is the greatest thing when you are a guy. I love to find different places outside to go and lay out a long stream of urine. I love peeing on different things outside. I JUST LOVE PEEING OUTSIDE.

    • Jared Says:

      Dude I’m with you. I freaking love taking a leak outside. I make it a point to stop on my way home from work and piss outside. I’m straight but I am not going to lie there is sometimes I will get hard while I’m doing it and makes even more adventurous.

  11. That other man Says:

    I, for one, feel that pissing outside should have a manliness score of at least 3.4, rather than a 2.8. Bonus points for inclement weather, especially extreme cold, in addition to those possibilities already mentioned. Instant score of 4.5 if a small animal is urinated upon.

  12. pissingboy Says:

    Quality Guy has it RIGHT. Pissing is the best sex there is. I love to piss in the wind naked, inside junk cars, on nasty peoples’ houses, drowning ugly insects, dudes who like getting wet, ant hills, anything that will hold still get a hot spray. This is way too cool site! Since I’m a dude, I find a yard, wall, bushes, dumpster, park, alley, etc. work fine – just whip it out and turn it loose. It’s a lot easier if you don’t have underwear on. Being naked is the best. This is the accepted practice in most of the world. I’ve been pissing outside since I was old enough to stand up. Go for it, dudes!

    • Joe Says:

      hey bro… am totally into what you’re into but also love j.o. outside with bro’s too… hope that’s not over the edge with ya man..

      • Jared Says:

        Hey Joe. I love pissing outside and also love jerking as well. I’m straight with a bit of Bi in me I guess. I wouldn’t mind pissing and jerking with you outside somewhere. Matter of fact I doing it right now. It’s great.

  13. Quality guy Says:

    Thank you pissingboy. It is trully a great thing to unzip and pee outside with a man’s pee item. Peeing outside is the greatest thing a guy can do. It is fun to see how far, long, or high you can shoot the stream.

  14. Bob Says:

    Longer piss ever :

  15. Steve Says:

    Let’s face it brothers: for women peeing is a body function, for men it’s a sporting event. To pee outside is the ultimate communion with nature that a man can achieve. Not only that, it’s easy, can be done (almost) anywhere, and free. It is one of life’s great simple pleasures, which is why men never pass up an opportunity to enjoy it. Here’s to peeing outside: may your streams be long and plentiful!

  16. Justme Says:

    I love to just let my dick hang out and piss all over a tree like a firehose. But sometimes I get a hard on before I start to pee. Does this happen to anyone else?

    • Jared Says:

      Hell yeah justme I get hard most of the time when pissing outside. It’s normal just go with the flow. Pun intended

  17. Nate Says:

    Justme, this is a common fetish. Just relax and think of something else.

  18. bog penis Says:

    i luv to just take my dick out and let it flow let people stare their just jelous of me they just can’t do it they claim i say take your junk out and flood the world bathrooms are for wimps

  19. KAF Says:

    To Steve: Hell, yea–pissing is a huge sporting event. I love to get up, in the middle of the night, and go outside and make a long, high pee arch. The other night, I think I peed a full 8 feet. A couple of nights before that I made like a sprinkler and peed over a 2 foot by 2 foot area. Let’s face it guys, peeing outside is an ART!

  20. KAF Says:

    Peeing outside should be an Olympic Event. American guys would win hands down, especially after drinking a lot of beer.

  21. KAF Says:

    Peeing outside is the greatest thing a guy can do. I like to pee outside while neighbor boys are walking by, you just know that they are jealous. I like to pee outside and will always love to pee outside, ANYTIME, ANYWHERE!

  22. KAF Says:


  23. BigDicks4U Says:

    I love pissing outside. It feels great and you can relieve your self with out going inside.I just urinated outside about 2 min ago. It saves my water bill alot.

  24. Anonymous Says:

    pissing outside rocks you get to air out your dick.

  25. O2BME Says:

    Hate to disillusion you, but it’s not a boys-only sport. There are lots of girls out there who do exactly the same thing: it feels great and I agree with most of what you’ve all said. Not envious at all.
    I think girls are probably more discreet – no pressureto prove they do it and some concern that you’ll despise us for it (bizarre, but anyway…). Another secret – we can do it standing up too.
    Keep it up and keep enjoying!

  26. Jared Says:

    Hell yeah it happens to me also I get hard quite a bit when pussing outside which sometimes will lead to a quick jerk off session

  27. JD Says:

    02BME, here is the evidence http://beckyflanders.com/

  28. Mary Says:

    I like to pee in urinals.
    Its fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    When there are not any men in restrooms,I pee in urinals.
    I peed in a urinal in Dairy Queen the other day and not any men where in there.
    I had so much fun peeing and and flushing the urinal after I got through.

  29. Jane Says:

    I sure like male urinals too.
    It is a lot of fun standing up to pee at a urinal.
    Whatching your stream is neat.
    It feels so different standing up at a urinal peeing.
    I believe hearing the sound of peeing in a urinal is neat too.
    And flushing the urinal–oh YES!!!!

  30. Anonymous Says:

    I am obsessed with peeing outside. It is absolutely the greatest part of being a man. There is just something so masculing about being able to stand and pee right out of your fly. But the best part is that moment right before the stream starts flying, when you reach down for your zipper and pull it down, stick your hand in the opening and whip out your trusty fire hose and let it rip. I always love lording it over girls that they don’t have this freedom. my friends and I, both guys and girls, go hiking every now and then. What I love doing is making a really high arc and saying to the girls “Jealous?! Bet you wish you could do this!!” They say they don’t care, but they do. Any other guys out there love making girls jealous that they weren’t born dudes like us?

  31. JD Says:

    Anonymous, did you read the messages before yours?

  32. Mike Says:

    Fishing with your mates and pissing off the side of the boat is the best sport there is!!!!!

  33. Abby Says:

    I use urinals too.
    Oh what great fun I have peeing in a urinal.
    It is different peeing in a urinal.
    Who says women can’t use urinals?
    I sure do and enjoy every minute that I can.
    So come on Women lets use urinals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Mike Says:

    Here is an example of peeing off a boat:

    • Bigdickbrad Says:

      I love taking a fucking piss outside grab your DICK and piss it feels good tell me how ur guys dick feels when ur done mine is long so it feels fucking great then my duck gets hard as fuck 👌

  35. Ben Says:

    Here is me taking a leak while sailing

  36. rubberguts110@hotmail.com Says:

    My mate needed to have a piss off the boat badly because I had a few beers while fishing.

  37. Brad Says:

    This is me having a nice piss in the river and man it felt good!

  38. Jarrod Says:

    This is me taking a piss while fishing

  39. Mike Says:

    Nice pissing:

  40. Steve Says:

    Sailing and urinating

  41. Steve Says:

    More sailing and pissing

  42. Steve Says:

    Me busting to piss on the way to Wyong

  43. Bob Says:

    Funny freeway pee stop

  44. Travis Says:

    Another nice piss off a boat


  45. Travis Says:


  46. Anonymous Says:

    anyone who wants to do gay watersports with me come to 3242 cambridge square blasdell new york 14219

  47. Anonymous Says:

    i will

  48. Mike Says:

  49. Anonymous Says:

    You guys are sick and have no respect for anyone aroud you if thats all you guys think about that and sex than i’ll stay single all my life.

  50. Swiftblaze Says:

    The part about women being envious of that is total crap. What is to be jelous of frickin peeing in a bush? Actually, they could pee ouside, but they think its gross.

  51. Anonymous Says:

    gay sex is goooooood

  52. Kellygirl59 Says:

    You guys have it easy. We had a boat and for me and our two daughters taking a pee over the side could be a challenge. I get my TP then with my back to the side of the boat I push my jeans/shorts and panties to my knees. Then I sit on the side with my twat over the edge and pee in the water below. Finished I wipe and toss my TP in the water. As I stand up I pull my panties up followed by my jeans/shorts. You guys just have to unzip and pee over the side.

  53. Sarah Says:

    Sometimes I’ve peed outside. It feels good. I’ve also peed into my bathroom trash bin. You’d be surprised how good it feels to squat into one, lol. Let’s face it, sometimes ya just DON’T FEEL LIKE sitting on the toilet!

  54. Paul Says:


  55. J Says:

    I am a girl and i piss outside all the time – i’ll actually wait until i have to piss and go outside and do it…my piss fetish bf loves it. All women should do it…feels good especially when you need to pee hard.

  56. Shy bladder Says:


  57. Anonymous Says:

    I am a lady.
    I like to pee in urinals!!!!!!!!
    I enjoy watching my pee go into the urinals.
    Then I flush the urinal.
    Ladies can use urinals!!!!
    They are fun to use.

  58. Loukas Says:

    I don’t go out of my way to piss outside (that seems a little extreme to me) but I sure as hell enjoy it when I am hiking or camping and I piss outside exclusively – or if I have any other reason. I also only talk about this with my male friends so… class. Same with jerking if I’m honest. (If I’m hiding out deep in the woods or something). Women (most) can never understand how good and liberating it feels to let the air hit your dick.

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