#23 Owning a Lazy Boy


When it comes time, at the end of a long day of work, for a Man to relax and enjoy a cold beverage and a hot meal, a Lazy Boy is, quite simply, the premier option for Manly unwinding. Womenfolk are often confused by a Man’s insistence on owning a chair that extends so as to nearly become a bed – why not get a couch, or a chair with an ottoman? – they ask. But they do not understand.

The Lazy Boy, is, in fact, an ancient relative of the royal throne. Like a big chair made out of gold, a Lazy Boy makes a man feel as if the world is at his feet. In fact, when he pulls the lever, his feet and the world are actually several inches apart, but really, this doesn’t matter. A Man in a Lazy Boy needs not think about his feet, as they are probably taken care of.

Besides being a Man’s evening tabernacle, the Lazy Boy also serves another important purpose. When game day comes around, a Man’s status is sharply elevated as soon as his friends see him in his Lazy Boy. It is the only thing in the room that might get more attention than his 8 foot flat screen television, as his friends will immediately want to test the comfort of the Lazy Boy. Upon sitting in it they will make a sound halfway between a “wow” and an “ahhh.” This essentially means “your Lazy Boy is very comfortable. I think I will talk to my significant other about the acquisition of a similar product.”

The Mantivity score for owning a Lazy Boy ranges from 2.9-3.2. You will be able to tell when you are in the store which chairs will grab the highest scores (hint, they have built in coolers). Go get ‘em.


5 Responses to “#23 Owning a Lazy Boy”

  1. chunque Says:

    I LOVE manivities! Awesome idea my friend.

    Check out this blog


    If you like it, put it on the blog roll, and I’ll return the favor.

  2. imaG Says:

    Laz-E boy!

  3. Max Power Says:

    No. La-Z Boy.

  4. Gislaine Canales Says:

    Me gustaría saber el precio de esa poltrona
    350 × 319 – 9k – jpg – https:/…/catalogue/itm/LAZ002/fol040102.jpg

    A imagem pode ter direitos autorais.

    Veja abaixo a imagem em: mantivities.wordpress.com/…/

  5. Charles Says:

    Things men do… leave certain chores to women, like bring in the empty trash barrels, or washing the dishes.

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