#24 Packing a Car


Every once in awhile, a Man has to re-locate. He has to take his furniture, TV, and other valuable possessions and find a way to move them while incurring the least amount of financial damage. This is best achieved by using the pick-up truck or SUV the Man undoubtedly owns. If he does not have this type of vehicle, the Man needs to first allow his gonads to drop, and then afterwards, he will have to borrow the proper vehicle from a Manly friend.

Before moving day, the Man should ask another Manly friend to assist him in the process, as he will also undoubtedly own a heinously large television, which will require at least two Men to move. The most important part of the moving process is cramming as much of the Man’s belongings into the vehicle. The packing of the vehicle must use space with extreme efficiency, and it must involve a two-Man deliberation over the packing-strategy. As with all Mantivity discussions, non-chalance and grunting are paramount.

Packing the car is also important for road trips. It is the duty of the Man in the family to be able to jam the car to the brim with all the useless crap that the women are bringing along, and then still be able to fit the awesome gift they picked up on the vacation. The packing situation should always look grim and the Man should always prevail, using his icy determination and a simple re-organization strategy that more effectively uses the inches of space left. Also, the Man’s dog should not be locked in his kennel and then tied down to the roof.

The Mantivity score for packing a vehicle with uncanny efficiency and the appropriate level of packing-strategy discussion is a 3.4. Obviously, the score is lower if aspects of this Mantivity are omitted or if unManly items are packed in the vehicle. Bonus points if rope or bungee cords are used to strap stuff down.


3 Responses to “#24 Packing a Car”

  1. Thomas Smith Says:

    It is entirely possible that the manly man no longer owns a pickup because it got him too frequently invited to other people’s home or apartment moves, doing him in and irritating him enormously.

  2. Beagle Says:

    Thomas: I believe it is the duty of a Man to always help a fellow Man in need, especially if it involves the use of Manly tools, such as pick-up trucks, grills, or various muscle groups.

  3. OlderMusicGeek Says:

    what i love about this is that it is a “dadtivity” too! when i pack a car or a closet or box, i feel a connection with my late father!

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